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Jessica Watson is doing the London to Brighton walk

Jessica Watson is doing the London to Brighton charity walk, jog, run on May 24th/25th to raise funds to support MOSES. She is also going to Malawi this Easter to spend sometime with the gap students Beth and Georgie. The walk, jog, run is 62 miles!!!!!
Please encourage her with your sponsorship!!

Here is a link:


Visit to Malawi in June 2014

Julian Watson will be leading a visit to Malawi this summer with 33 staff and students from Manor Church of England Academy.  The students and staff have raised over £4000 mainly through ‘Living below the Line’ week last September.  The funds raised will provide every home at Mbulukuta Village with a smokeless, fuel efficient stove.  In addition, we will be able to support the development of the Fire Festival and finally, we will be providing every MOSES student with a solar lamp.  These lamps charge during the day and provide 4 hours of light in the evening.  They will benefit not only the student, but also the family that they stay with.