Daphney Phiri – My first two months working for MOSES

My first two months                                                                                     By Daphney Phiri

Hello, it is such a great pleasure working as a student support officer for the MOSES Charity. Honestly, I am enjoying every minute of it and it is a great experience.

I am two months old on the job, but there is so much I have learnt already. Working with MOSES has exposed me to some realities of life where I have to witness poverty at its worst. As part of my job description, I meet students and even visit their homes so as to gain a better understanding of their situation. 

Most orphans in Malawi fail to make it to Secondary School because of lack of financial resources and they end up dropping out of school. It is particularly hard for girls who are mostly forced into early marriages. I am really happy that we, the MOSES team, are making a difference by supporting those needy students. It is my dream to see MOSES grow and support as many orphans as possible -Together we can!

I would like, at this point, to introduce one of the newly recruited MOSES students.


In the picture above is a girl named Farida Aufi. She was born on October 7th, 1997. She is the fourth born in a family of seven and lives with a single mother who is jobless and has no steady source of income. Farida was recently recruited as a beneficiary due to her mother’s request for support from MOSES. She dreams of becoming a teacher one day simply because she wants to impart knowledge in those innocent minds of the students she will be teaching.

I will also introduce to you an old student who was outstanding in the Junior Certificate exams the results of which were released recently. The student’s name is Chisomo Nakhwali. He is an orphan who lives with his grandmother, a peasant farmer. Chisomo passed with flying colours and was outstanding among all MOSES students who sat for the same national exam. The following is how he fared:

Agriculture A, Biology A, Bible Knowledge A, English A, Physical Science A, French A, History A, Chichewa B, Geography B and Maths B.

We caught up with Chisomo at his home in Mulanje – we went unannounced and found them unkempt as they had just returned from the fields.


Left to Right: Daphney (Student Support Officer), Chisomo’s grandmother, Chisomo’s Primary school teacher (who knocked at the MOSES door for him), Chisomo, his uncle.


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