Daphney Phiri – My first two months working for MOSES

My first two months                                                                                     By Daphney Phiri

Hello, it is such a great pleasure working as a student support officer for the MOSES Charity. Honestly, I am enjoying every minute of it and it is a great experience.

I am two months old on the job, but there is so much I have learnt already. Working with MOSES has exposed me to some realities of life where I have to witness poverty at its worst. As part of my job description, I meet students and even visit their homes so as to gain a better understanding of their situation.  Continue reading

Jessica Watson is doing the London to Brighton walk

Jessica Watson is doing the London to Brighton charity walk, jog, run on May 24th/25th to raise funds to support MOSES. She is also going to Malawi this Easter to spend sometime with the gap students Beth and Georgie. The walk, jog, run is 62 miles!!!!!
Please encourage her with your sponsorship!!

Here is a link:  http://www.justgiving.com/Jessykind